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Panaya replicates end-to-end business process operations in a unique and intuitive sequence of phases, each of which is assigned to a different user. With Xray, QA and Development share the same name and terminology, and they can see each other’s operations in real-time, allowing quality to flow as smoothly as DevOps. Shared test assets encourage reuse and save project maintenance costs. You can use Klaros Test Management to deploy a variety of process models, including V-Modell, Scrum, and Kanban. Using established processes, end-to-end traceability, audit trails, and security measures, you may achieve regulatory compliance. Facilitate a common release cycle, advanced dependency mapping, customized procedures, and templates to align your teams. Micro Focus Quality Centre, originally known as Hewlett Packard Quality Center and Mercury Interactive TestDirector, was the catalyst for the entire process.

Use test plans to achieve quality goals, keep track of priority items, and manage responsibilities. The world’s biggest test management tools comparison online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

Test Management Tools:

It provides Test specifications, Test plans, and execution, Reporting, Requirements specification, and collaboration with well-known bug trackers. It provides planning, reporting, requirement tracking, generating charts, and reports.

You can generate reports like management overviews, release notes, status reports, and view all necessary project information. The tool allows users to run custom test, bug, and test execution reports, and includes functionalities for requirement planning. Their interactive dashboards are intuitive and user-friendly. Test management tools are a great resource to help you find and manage the bugs that matter so you can focus on building better software and a better software development process.

To promote collaboration and understanding, share test metrics with team members and stakeholders. Manage your requirements with ease, and track and optimize your testing process with our detailed reports. With easy-to-use test management optimized for Agile teams, you can standardize testing across projects and meet software delivery deadlines.

cloud test management tools

Track the workload of your entire team with real-time status and progress reports for test runs, test cases, and issues. TestMonitor integrated reports for requirements, risks, test runs, test results, and issues. View issue reports per status, impact, category, priority, or organization. The powerful filter options for report generation offers real-time insights. Filter, for example, on your defined requirements and risks, planned milestones, or by the tester.

Test Management Tools Overview

Zephyr Scale, a highly scalable and performant solution for test management within Jira, is worth a closer inspection. SmartBear owns Zephyr Scale, providing industry-leading expertise in test management process, BDD, and automation solutions to more than millions of users. Manage your entire testing life cycle, from manual testing to automated testing and everything in-between.

cloud test management tools

Bromine is an open source QA tool that uses selenium RC as its testing engine. The tests are created with the custom Selenium IDE format and uploaded to Bromine. FitNesse enables customers, testers, and programmers to learn what their software should do, and to automatically compare that to what it actually does do. Report DesignerUse the aqua Report Designer in order to write a report according to your taste. With the report Designer, you have an extensive scope of design; from wizards up to user codes and report plugins. The Report Designer enables you to use aqua’s entire reporting power. Select from 6 reports to report the current project status.


Developers can use the Unified Modeling Language editor to create test cases and link them with requirements or errors to improve project traceability. Aqua ALM integrates with all the most popular issue trackers and automation tools, including JIRA, Selenium, Jenkins, JMeter, and others. You benefit from over 18 years of IT know-how of the number one company for IT quality assurance in Germany. Efficiently manage, track, and report on your software testing with web-based test case management by TestRail.

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ACCELQ to Discuss Continuous Testing at DevOps Conference; Company Announces Platinum Sponsorship.

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Instantly generate traceability reports so that everyone on your team can see the status of testing in real time. Test management tools are designed to assist companies in their efforts in managing their testing activities. With the abundance of testing tools available, managing all aspects of testing has become a growing challenge. Such as, the Association for Computing Machinery need to incorporate not only traditional, scripted testing, but also elements of exploratory testing, as well as automated testing. Microfocus Silk Central unifies all test assets into a single, easy-to-use interface for planning, tracking, reporting, and execution. Silk Central makes it simple to reproduce problems and issues in the software.

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Test management tools are used to store information on how testing is to be done, plan specific testing activities, and report the complete status of quality assurance activities. HP QC has been the most used test management software; it has all the features necessary in many ways. It is one of the high-end tools that provide robust tracking and reporting. ALM can also connect with an e-mail system and send e-mail for any changes to desired team members. TestRail provides comprehensive test case management to help you organize testing efforts and get real-time insights into testing activity. Powerful reports and metrics enable QA teams to increase productivity and deliver fast feedback. TestFLO is a flexible testing tool because of this approach.

To make educated decisions, obtain a comprehensive view of all releases, and delve down into particular projects to gain new insights. Add as many users to your Project as you need; your subscription plan will not be affected. You can use role-based access control to specify permissions for distinct groups of users. It allows you to run tests from JIRA and publish test results in real-time using continuous integration systems like Jenkins or Bamboo. TestRail can be accessed by your entire team and is hosted on your server or ours. An automated tool that requires minimal human intervention, allowing team members to concentrate on other tasks.

  • Available in English & German, use aqua Basic online in your browser or as a stand-alone application as well as a plugin for developer IDEs.
  • QMetry’s flagship tool connects with a variety of tools, including Jira, authentication technologies such as LDAP and SAML, and other standard testing tools.
  • Synchronize your requirements and test management Pinpoint test cases impacted by changes to requirements with automated traceability.
  • The aqua support and development team is a reliable partner for the implementation of the customer requirements of the KBA.
  • The time tracker will display extensive information about each case’s time spent.

Boost team productivity with real-time insights into testing progress. Use TestRail’s beautiful interface collaborate with comments, attachments and feedback loops. Start test runs and select test cases for execution based on powerful filters. Capture the results of manual testing or get real-time feedback from test automation. Produce traceability and coverage reports for requirements, tests, and defects. Compare results across multiple test runs and configurations.

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Tuskr also integrates with Zapier and Integromat which means you can build complex integrations without writing code. When you embed testing throughout your software delivery pipeline, your teams can both eliminate QA bottlenecks and improve the quality of your releases. Tricentis qTest offers a suite of Agile testing tools designed to improve efficiency and ensure collaboration on your journey to release the best software. You can maintain test records on Gemini and review them later. Apart from this, it has all the necessary features of a good project management tool.

Link user stories, epics, and issues from Jira to tests in TestRail and instantly log defects from TestRail to Jira to enhance coverage and build traceability. With so many test management tools available, it is important to make sure that you select the tool which is right for your team. Take into consideration that implementing a tool is time consuming. You want to make sure that the tool you select has the ability to support your current needs. As well as, the ability to scale up with you as your organization continues to succeed and grow. This QA tool is a great starting point for small teams as it offers a free version of the system and access to external users. This tool is integrated with other solutions by Orcanos but there is no out of the box integration with external bug trackers such as Jira.

The Best Test Management Tools List

Testlink — TestLink is a web-based test management tool which helps to manage test cases, test suites, test plans, test projects and user management, various reports and statistics. Another requirement I had in mind was that the tool must also integrate with JIRA. TestRail by Gurock, an IDERA company, is presented as a complete web-based test case management solution to manage, track, and organize your software testing efforts. Tricentis qTest provides enterprise-level agile testing tools giving businesses visibility and control needed to ensure application quality in fast-paced development environments. Test management tools are used to manage the entire testing process comprehensively, eliminating the need for multiple software tools to manage individual steps in the testing process. A good test management tool will not force you to change the tool stack you are using today.

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For scheduling your day-to-day activities offers really simple project swim-lanes and Gantt diagrams implemented in Roadmaps. Your project should be well designed and Epics or Stories are usually scaffold for your progress so why aren’t they integrated with other project elements – simple and easy with