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Business Infographic Template

From business owner to marketer, from designers to developers, PhotoADKing is trusted and recommended by professionals around the world. Infographics Find the right format for your information.

It features a creative design where you can create an infographic to detail your ideas, strategies, and concepts in a creative way. This PowerPoint template features 17 unique slide layouts with mind map infographic designs. Each slide is also available in 12 different color schemes, making it a total of over 200 slides. The infographic designs are fully customizable as well.


It includes 5 different templates that can be customized with Illustrator and Photoshop. A theme includes color and font settings, background image, and additional options.

  • Administrators can set preferences for the entire organization.
  • This is a PowerPoint template featuring many useful infographic slides.
  • A semicircle infographic design with 4 steps/option boxes on the side.
  • But to reap those benefits, you first need to know HOW to successfully work with freelancers.
  • Fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint that supports .pptx format .

You will find templates for different purposes, such as comparison, timeline, steps, ecology, business plan, resume, education, food, technology, marketing, and more. Infographics can be on all kinds of themes, so most of the time you would need a template for multiple uses.

Rocket Ship Infographic Template for Illustrator

This pack contains 100% vector, layered, green and brown themed nature style infographic elements. It contains charts, graphs, badge, design elements, world map, etc — they’re all included. This pack comes with 5 separate infographic templates featuring a modern flat design inspired design. The templates can be customized with Illustrator and you can easily resize and edit the graphics as well. The templates in this pack come with a unique circular infographic design.

  • Our drag-and-drop interface allows you to easily customize the template to match your vision.
  • They combine valuable information with eye-catchy supporting graphics.
  • The templates include many useful designs including workflow, flow chart, development, banners, and many other infographics.
  • This template comes with infographic elements, charts, portfolio layout, maps and icons.
  • You can edit the templates using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and export them as JPG files.
  • Infographics can be on all kinds of themes, so most of the time you would need a template for multiple uses.

A cool vector pyramid infographic design with differently colored ribbons and handy content placeholders. A 3D pyramid infographic vector template, made with colored text sections corresponding to each pyramid level. A cool 3D infographic template with various charts and graphs, suitable for presenting data and statistics.

Infographic Diagrams

Be the first to know what’s new in the world of graphic design and illustrations. A free vector resume template with a creative and pleasant design. The template is made with a functional layout for your content. The interactive experience panel is added for the variable. When viewing an infographic, ToolTips provide more information when hovering over an element.

Business Infographic Template

This is why the demand for ecology vector infographic templates is this high. In this section, we’ve collected free vector infographic templates, specifically devoted to ecology and pollution.

Vivid v2 – Presentation Infographic Templates

A free vector business infographic template made with flat outline circles and text placeholders. Infographics can turn a boring presentation into something the audience remembers. These designs are optimized for business plans, so you can represent sequences, processes, timelines and the steps to follow. Use them in your corporate presentations and edit their colors to better suit your needs. A bundle of medical infographic vector design templates. Can be used for workflow, health and healthcare, diagram, infographic banner, web design, or bundle infographic elements. A modern and a minimalist infographic template featuring 8 different variations.

Speak about your studio with this visual set of infographics in the same style as… Business presentation or infographic with 7 options. Vector dynamic infographics or mind map of technology or education process. Many customers asked me about infographic elements for PowerPoint. Now Business Infographic Template I’m happy to announce that popular infographic bundle is available in PowerPoint format (.pptx). Fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint that supports .pptx format . A subject-specific pack, this one contains a set of pregnancy and birth infographics and vector icon set in EPS 10.

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  • A free vector business infographic template suitable for showing off a new idea, a startup project, a business plan, etc.
  • It includes 50 unique slides featuring vector elements, icons, charts, graphs, and more.
  • A free vector business infographic template made with flat outline circles and text placeholders.
  • Vivid is a bundle of infographic templates you can use to create more effective presentations by visualizing your data.
  • A 3D ecology infographic vector template made of 4 banners /ribbons with numbers, text, and icons.
  • The infographic template is free to download in EDDX and PDF file formats.