RotaFacts işbirliğinde Greater Tezpur Rotaract Kulübü – Bölge 3240

“MAKALE YAZMA YARIŞMASI” etkinliğine Antalya Rotaract Klubü olarak dahil olduk. 🦹‍♂️

KAN BAĞIŞININ ÖNEMİ” ile ilgili makalemizi Uluslarası Hizmetler Vakıf Komitesi başkanımız Rtc. Bilgay Atış yazdı ve diğer katılan klüplerle konu hakkında beyin fırtınası yapıp ilham dolu ve verimli dakikalar geçirdik. 😍

Hep birlikte daha güçlüyüz. 💪🏻

🤜🏻 Greater Tezpur Rotaract Club in cooperation with RotaFacts – District 3240 🤜🏻

We have participated in the “ARTICLE WRITING CONTEST” event as Antalya Rotaract Club. 🦹

Our International Services Committee President Rtr. Bilgay Atış wrote an article about “IMPORTANCE OF BLOOD DONATION” and we brainstormed the subject with other participating clubs and had inspirational and productive moments. 😍

We are stronger together. 💪🏻



Blood donation refers in which people donate their blood to other people to help them regarding their health problems. As it is known that blood is one of the most essential fluids of our body which helps about functioning of our body. If our body loses blood in an excessive ways, everyone can prone to deadly diseases and even die as well. Hereby, we see how blood donation is so crucial like life-saving helping people in need. Blood donation is not only a sign of humanity but also a union of people regardless of caste, religion, creed and many others…Furthermore, so as to raise awareness regarding blood donation, the world serves us 14th June as Blood Donor day. Because of that reason, we are suppose to save many people’s lives. All people should know the importance of blood donation and safety as well. To donate blood, there are some criterias indeed. The blood Donor day helps us in doing so. Besides, WHO is a campaign also encourages people to donate their blood. The eligible person who wants to donate blood should be in 17 – 66 years. Their weighs should be more than 50 kilogram as well. Unfortunately, people who suffer from some diseases like diabetes, hypertension and more can’t donate blood. If you donate your blood, at least three people can benefit thanks to it. It makes us aware of hemoglobin, cholesterol and the levels of iron more. As I mentioned previously, Blood donation has many benefits like new cells that freshen our all body system. In short, blood donation enhances our health condition to overcome some critical situations indeed. Therefore, as it is seen that blood donation is a crucial procedure to save people’s lives. If we make a decent fist, it will be a great initiative that must be encouraged by all around the world.